Idol Room from Samuel (woman) until the rainy season, children, foreigners idol members have seized the’ Idol rooms.

JTBC entertainment program ‘Idol Room’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 16th, was featured as ‘Global Amusement Hall’. As a result, foreign members of idols who actively participated actively as guests.

Samuel, an NCA member from Los Angeles, is a NCT dream member. She is a junior member of the JBJ95 member from Gunma, Japan, a foreigner male idol member who leads K pops from Yugoslavia, Have gained attention from the emergence of.

In the women’s team, girls from China came from Beijing, Taiwan, Shu from Taiwan, from Minnie and Cherry Bret from Bangkok, Thailand, and Kokoro from Nagoya, Japan.

Among these, Samuel was the “Korean Life Senior” who lived in Korea for the longest time. “I spent half of my life in Korea,” he said. “I feel hungry when I get hungry.” He even said, “Language is more comfortable than Korean,” but “But Korean dreams come from dreams in Korea.”

There was also a happening that could not laugh at the cultural difference between Korea and home. Samuel said, “At first, I was surprised to see the granny’s bones, and I realized that I made grilled bran with my grandmother’s bones, but I saw my grandmother eating rice at the grill of granny’s bone.

“There is a saying in Korea, but it is a word that is said to a person with a lot of age, and it does not stick at the age of one or two,” he said. “I think it is an excuse to say that the chanter is just wanting to say something.” In front of other people, I say “lunjun” and when there are two, “lunjun” is said.

In the meantime, he was an interpreter and masterminded MC with his excellent Korean ability. He has been interpreting the words of MCs as well as the female members of the team, such as Kokoro, Lelin, and Soso, who have been expressing their opinions for the second year in Korea. “Today I learned that I am good at MC, please call me again.”

As 6 members of the male and 6 members of the female group were involved, the cast members of the casting team came together to compete. In particular, MC Jung Hyung-don has gained attention by showing favoritism to female members.

Nevertheless, the male team has been united by Samuel, who was in the 9th year of his life in Korea. Jun-jun boasted her vocabulary in the preliminary quiz with her excellent Korean ability, and Yuto matched this quiz with unexpected power.

‘Ah, Che, Cow (Children, Cherry Blit, Park Girl)’ team was also outdone. (Female) The child-shu painter took a lead and showed a passion and attracted attention. Shuehua actively engaged in the game despite the harsh Korean language. So, I translated the proverb, “Please bring the first chapter of the school record book”, not the honorifics, but “Bring it”

Here, Kokoro took a lie detector in this quiz and led the victory of ‘Ah, Che, Soo’ team. “I am glad that I have come to such a good program. I learned that the world is cool.”

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