‘That’s okay’ will be released on July 1st at 6 pm Melon, Flor, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportive, QQ You can meet in various music sites such as music, cougar music, and Kuchu music.

The song ‘That’s okay’ is a pop R & B featuring a warm acoustic guitar and a minimalistic drum sound. It’s also a good sign that Dio can participate in writing songs and feelings that make her feelings hard for her happiness. It attracts eye-catching.

In particular, this song is a gift like a gift prepared for fans by Dios to join on July 1st. It is expected to get a hot attention as it is Dio’s solo song to be released after a long time since the movie ‘Cart’ OST ‘cry in 2014 .

In addition, DIO has gained global popularity with his solid vocals and performance skills through his exoso activities. He is also active in various works such as movies and dramas, and is loved by actors who have both visual and acting skills Solo songs will also get a good response.

On the other hand, Dio is enlisted as active duty on July 1, respecting his wishes to join quietly and does not disclose the time and place of admission.

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