On the 8th, Jung Mi Ae appeared on the MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’. Through his social networking system, “I was the first person to appear as a child ‘s mother. It’s an honor. It was a great time. Thank you for inviting me. ”

In the open photo, Jung Mi-ae is staring at the camera with one hand holding his chin. Especially, the cool smile of the maid of honor caught my attention.

On that day, Jung Mi Ae appeared as a special guest on Song Day, Hongja, Jung Dae Kyung, Kim Na Hee and ‘Idol Radio’ on Mother’s Day, who worked together in the general TV channel “Miss Troth”. Jung Mi-ae has attracted listeners’ ears by offering Lee Sun-hee’s’ J ‘with excellent singing ability and soft tone.

Jung Mi-ae has won the title of ‘Miss Trout’ and has been attracting attention as ‘Next Generation Trot Star’ and plans to continue its active activities through various broadcasting and stage.

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