Ownership agency Starship Entertainment said, “Ownership will announce the duet song ‘Rain is coming’ with singer Oban on the 16th.”

In the new song ‘Rain Comes’, owning a soft but appealing vocals, Oban is proud of emotional rap and vocals.

Oban, who owns and collaborates, debuted in the music industry with ‘VIRGIN LOVE’ in 2017, and since then he has appeared in various colors such as ‘Drunken Night’, ‘Twenty Years of Love’, ‘Unhappiness’, ‘Happiness’ And listen to the listener ‘s ear was enthusiastic about the music industry.

Especially, ownership has been called “the goddess of colabo” by many artists and limited express colaboros, and has been proud of its unique presence.

Various artists and respiration such as’ Reggae ‘and’ Thum ‘,’ Mad Clann ‘and’ Gone With You ‘, Kwon Jeong Yeol and’ Shoulder ‘, Sung Si Kyung and’ It has become the ‘top-of-the-box’ check.

In addition, he has established himself as a solo artist, including his first full-length dance album [RE: FRESH] and his title track ‘Black Night’ released in October last year.

In addition, OST ‘I Miss You’, ‘OST of Green Moon’ OST and duet with Yoo Seung Woo, ‘I have slept well’, ‘She was beautiful’ with Brother Suh, ‘I do not know’, ‘Life’ ‘OST’ Silence ‘,’ Third Charm ‘OST’ When it rains’ and other popular drama OST, and participated in a wide range of musical spectrum.

From this sexy and powerful performance to a sweet voice, to a limited edition colabo, with perfect vocal digestion, the musician’s highly loved love and recent obsession with Oban’s attention, and what musical synergy will he show? More than ever before.

On the other hand, Owen and Oban announce the duet song “It’s Rain”.

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