The 26th MBC Woody Mini series “Spring Night” (directed by Ahn Pan-seok / dramatic Kim Eun-jae / Lee Jae-se pictures) broadcast on yesterday (3 days) recorded 9.2% of ratings (based on Nielsen Korea metropolitan area) It was solid. The 2049 rating was 2.9% (based on Nielsen Korea metropolitan area), ranking first in the same time zone, and continuing a steady, unprecedented high.

In addition, according to the data analyzed by Good Data Corporation on the last two days, TV and TV analysts analyzed that Han Ji Min and Jeong Hae In were the top performers in the drama performers’ section and ranked second in the drama performances. .

In the broadcast yesterday (3 days), Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min) expressed his desire to marry Ji-ho with a surprise confession that he wanted to become the mother of Yoo Eun-woo after having a picnic with Yoo-Ho After being surprised by her sudden proposal, Yoo Jae-ho embraced Lee Jung-in and showed her gratitude and grudgingness, and he enjoyed the hospitality in the house theater.

In the meantime, in the 26th ending, Lee Tae-hak (Song Seung-hwan) learned that there was a child to Ji-ho. “I want you to run away everywhere!” I am surprised at the voice of a new mother (Gil Hae-yeon) who is urgent, and the final result is the view of Lee Tae-hak’s anger.

On the other hand, the 27th and 28th episodes of MBC tree mini series ‘spring night’ are broadcasted at 8:55 tonight.

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