On the morning of the 22nd, the 2nd edition of ‘Alu Dae?’ In the star-studded entertainment building of Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

The launch round interview was held. Monsta X was invited to the “Jingle Ball” tour on the year-end show held on November 30th at the American radio station “I Heart Radio”.

‘Jingle Ball’ is a year-end concert where the best singers of the year play hit songs under the sponsorship of American famous radio station ‘I Heart Radio’. Monsta X was invited to Jingle Ball this year for the first time as a K-pop group.

When asked about his opinion on participating in the Jingle Ball concert, Ji Hyun said, “I watched the Jingle Ball Tour news video. At first, real world stars came out, and at the end, Monster X came out and I was appalled.” ” I am thinking about what to do now. ” But I did not hide my expectations for meeting with artists from around the world. “I want to work with world-class stars in Jingle Ball, and I will ask once if I meet.”

The members of the Monsta X showed a mature stage through the World Tour. “I thought I had a lot of good music in the music I listened to while preparing the album, but I was interested in music that was good for performing on the world tour.

Minhyeop also said, “I did not remember what I was doing because I was nervous when the stage was over, but I felt cheers when I made some gestures and expressions through this world tour. The Monster X members mentioned their fear and loneliness as well as their height.

ZhuHun said, “It was the most lonely time when I went to the hotel after the performance and poured water on the cup noodles. It seems to have suddenly disappeared from the energy of the fans.” Recently, two cats have been sold and soothe their loneliness ” . “I think it’s one step in the process,” he said. “I think it’s one step in the process,” he said.

Monsta X has been active in domestic activities since this album. Before the comeback, the members participated in MBC ‘Real Man 300’ and KBS 2TV ‘Hello’ etc. “I will work hard to make this work so I can go out to the end of the awards ceremony as much as I can,” he said. Finally, the members asked about this activity and said, “I am really prepared so hard, so I will show you a lot of wonderful things. “I have never been there before, but I have prepared myself hard.

“As we said before, we saw our appearance and thought that it was” very cool. “I hope you will take a look at the stage.

“I want to have a nice look at the song that I did not try to get from the title song to the songs that I have listened to.” I looked around the world for what was possible only by words, and I was working hard to make it happen. “He said.

“I have been doing this for three years, but I think there is still a lot of way to go. I would like to keep going and do not hesitate to pay attention to the future.”

Minhyuk said, “I heard about the company recently, but the profit was 10 billion won. I hope that this activity will be a stepping stone to raise up to 100 billion won.” IM joked with a smile that he would “go by the second”.

MONSTA X’s new music video will be released today, on October 22 at 6 p.m. KST.

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