YG Entertainment today unveiled Rosa’s teaser posters alongside Lisa, Jenny, and Expo on its official blog at 9:00 am today (28th).

In the poster, Rosy stole her fans’ hearts at once with her intense but precious eyes and luxurious aura. In particular, she was proud of her beauty, matured with her ponytail hairstyle and black leather dress.

Previously released Lisa, Jenny, and Texan’s Teaser Poster also attracted attention with their unusual styling. The global fans’ curiosity about the concept of black pink that the four members from Lisa to Rosa will be created by them is rising.

“Black Pink has finally returned to our side,” said Billboard, a music specialist. “The EP album with the title song” Kill THIS LOVE “will be more intense than the songs that have already been released.” I was quick to hear about the comeback.

Grammy.com and MTV each hoped that “local fans are waiting for the new song of the K-pop delegation group” and “the end of the deadly charm”.

Another media yahoo has also noticed the news of Black Pink’s appearance on ‘Kocella’. Black Pink, the world-famous artists such as Ariana Grande, Chil Dissy Gambino, Teimu Impala headlining the stage with the shoulder to lie on the stage to open, said the hot interest.

The title song ‘KillDislove’ was produced by Teddy, who created the representative songs of Black Pink, including ‘Tootsu Tootsu’. Lead brass and grand drum sound are the main themes, and the charismatic rap and vocals of each member are added to complete the high quality.

Especially, this title song is known as “a very intense song that surpasses” Black Pink’s “Tootsukuri”.

In addition, this new song’s choreography is said to have “a dynamic performance rather than a choreography of any of the four choreographed musicians that have been presented so far”. Black Pink’s choreography video is the most popular in K-pop history, with 5 million views on YouTube, so I am very excited to see how addictive point choreography and overwhelming performance will be shown in this new song.

Black Pink will begin full-fledged US activities with this new EP album. On the 12th and 19th of April, it will be on the stage of ‘Cochera Festival’, the largest music festival in the United States. From 17th onwards, it will continue various local promotions with North America tour starting from Los Angeles, USA.

It is noteworthy what music and the stage will be introduced through ‘KILL THIS LOVE’ which Black Pink which has made a leap into the global girl group will be unveiled on April 5th.

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