‘Pajamas Friends’ members show off Halloween party.

Especially, Red Velvet Joy captivates with a transformation that surpasses the mentor Jang Yoon – joo of the introduction of sexy.

At the cable channel lifetime ‘Pajama Friends’, which is broadcasted at 10:30 pm on the 27th, friends are transformed into a Halloween party with sexy couple, ‘Chucky’ and ‘Minnies’.

Friends are going to boast from comic acting that is destroyed through Halloween make up to sexy which is going to take out eyes. Particularly, for the Halloween party, the figure of friends transforming their costumes, choosing clothes and presenting reality chemies is revealed.

In the pre-broadcast photographs, the sexy confrontation between Jang Yoon-ju and Joey captures the most. Joey ‘s appeal comes after Jeon Yoon – ju’ s advice as a sexy mentor, “If you show yourself confidently, your charm will be more visible.” Red Velvet Joy is showing off his unique transformation that matches the nickname “Sexy Dynamite” and “Crush Walking.” Jang Yoon-joo has transformed into a catwoman who has used specially prepared “stick” as a props, and boasts an overwhelming presence in Korea’s representative model.

Song Ji-hyo turns into a realistic Chucky, ‘Songy’, with his unrivaled ability to make a perfect match. Song Ji-hyo will show off her charming charm that only she can reveal, acting as a mischievous chick that suits her dress. Wendy and Matilda of red velvet transformed into cute minions, and Kim Soo-mi and Woo-jae who transformed into witches burn hot night of Halloween party together.

Halloween halls are visited by very special guests, making the party hotter. The model F4, invited by Jang Yoon-ju, shows up from the dynamic appearance to the talent show.

In addition, it plans to offer a meeting and a laugh with the friendship coupons and the gift coupon on the fly.

The 7th Pajama Friend will be held on Saturday, April 27 at 10:30 pm on the Lifetime Channel and Naver V Live.

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