Prior to that, the music video for the title song on the 4th is also pre-opened.
In addition, touring overseas showcase, and also meet with local fans, such as the level of the military.

JYP Entertainment (JYP) posted an image on the official channel of JYP NATION and GOT7 on June 14 at 6 pm and 15 o’clock on the 14th.

According to this, the album ‘FOCUS’ will be released at 6 pm on the 5th and at 0 o’clock on the 4th, the title song MV will visit the fans first.

‘Jus2’ FOCUS ‘PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR’ will be a great opportunity to experience Jus2’s birthday.

The tour will take place in Macau, Tokyo, Taipei, Osaka, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore.

Previously, JYP has announced the combination of Jus2 through JB and JB, which seems to be contained in the focus of camera lens, and focused image of group.

Here, JB and Yoo caught their eyes by offering a unique atmosphere through deep atmosphere and deep eyes.

Jus2 has already attracted the attention of fans with the main vocal JB of GOT7 and Yoo, the main dancer. The best vocalist and dancer meet is a combination of fantasy that will satisfy fans’ eyes and ears.

Jus2 is the second unit that GOT7 will follow from JB and JJ’s project JJ project. The music and performances they will show will be what color they expect.

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