Seventeen, which is showing great momentum with the song ‘HIT’ that cools down the hot summer on the 5th, continues to take a global course with explosive reaction abroad.

Following the highlight of Seventeen’s comeback on a prominent American media billboard, Forbes released the in-depth column focusing on Seventeen’s new song ‘HIT’ on September 9 (local time). Attention to music fans around the world.

“For today’s music industry, more and more K-POP artists are looking to gain a reputation on a larger, global stage,” Forbes said. Seventeen’s new single ‘HIT’ could be a decisive single. ‘

“Seventeen, who had emotional EDM, bold hip-hop, and various pop sounds, jumped into many genres such as ‘HIT’, showing lively electronic hip-hop and showing their strengths. The 13 members are attracting attention by themselves, but the ‘HIT’ performance is what makes this song truly stand out. ”

“Thirteen members Seventeen can be a fresh sight. In addition, Seventeen doesn’t feel like giving up the artistic value for the sake of fashion and is silently following the musical path that they want to go. ”

As such, Seventeen has proved to be a global trend that has received enthusiastic response from various countries such as the American music media Billboard, the American economic magazine Forbes, and the British music magazine NME. Many publics are raising expectations.

Meanwhile, Seventeen is getting hot attention with the digital single ‘HIT’ released on the 5th, and will be appearing on MBC ‘music center’ which is broadcast today (10th).

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