Cherry Bullet , who has just made his debut, has been thrilled. Bora said, “When I go to a place I watched only through broadcasting or video, I realize (my debut),” and added, “When I see fans at a fan meeting or a fan signing meeting, I feel it.”

“I can see the lovely charm of Cherry Bullet ,” said Yuuju. “It is a song about the debut song” Q & A “that says” I would like to ask you for your future. ”

Cherry Bullet brilliantly sangam MBC Garden Studio on the day with a medley cover dance. They are Mamamoo ‘s’ what you are’, AOA ‘single head’, (girls) children ‘La Tata’, red velvet ‘Pikabu’, Twice ‘Dance the night away’ But also showed a swordsman with a sword.

In addition, Support, Future, and Remy are the instant missions that will be performed by Kim Yu-ja’s’ Amor Party ‘, Selup Five’s’ Selup Five’, Twice ‘TT’, Stern’s’ I was proud of my charm.

Members’ delightful aspect attracted attention. In the future, the subway announcement was replicated perfectly, and the support that appeared in the ‘K pop star’ introduced me as ‘Cheonsoon Chukbong’

Cherry Bullet Haiyoon, who appeared on Producer 48, already summoned the memories of the time with BoA’s “Mary Cree” The main vocalist Ha Yoon boasts an explosive singing voice with live music called “I’ll go to you like the first eye” with Emily.

My youngest May was the youngest cover dancer in Japan, but he was the youngest, but he had a terrific performance. Kokoro also from Japan has also appeared in MBC every1 entertainment program ‘Foreigner for Korea’ alone.

The MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’ will be broadcast live on weekday night from 9:00 to 10:00 on Naver V live (V app).

The relayed contents will be broadcast on MBC standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz), MBC radio application mini, and 12:05 ~ 1:00 pm (weekend night 12:00 ~ 1:00) on the same night.

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