Fashion magazine ‘Allure Korea’ has unveiled a fashion pictorial showing the colorful appeal of the pattern through the July issue.

In the public pictorial genre, I focused my attention on the background of the simplicity and the splendor of the city with various styles of pictures. The black and white jumpsuits dressed neatly showed both sexy and quirky, while in clean suits and casual fashion, they were completely digesting and overwhelming, from fascinating masculinity to lonely boys.

In particular, the extraordinary physical and unique appearance of the clone captivated the hearts of viewers. Visual and mysterious yet mysterious eyes that seemed to penetrate genuine comic books doubled the charm of its only found in paintings. In addition, the black and white pictorials have a beautiful harmony and a different atmosphere.

As a member of Monsuta X, Sylon, who boasts a remarkable visual with remarkable visuals, is a member of Monsuta X. His latest work, “TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE” The show is showing 23 performances in 20 cities around the world, and on 14th, it has been active in global activities by announcing new English single ‘Who Do U Love?’.

In particular, Hyungwon released a variety of EDM music under the name of DJ H.ONE, participated in numerous festivals and led a high response as a DJ. He has been appearing for two consecutive years at the biggest EDM festival in Korea, and has been performing for the past two years in a row, including ‘BAM! BAM! BAM!’, ‘ONE’, ‘MY NAME’ And is proud of outstanding djingu ability.

On the other hand, Monsta X is a world tour with ‘WE ARE HERE’.

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