MBC Everlon ‘Weekly Idol’ was broadcast on the 7th MONSTA X appeared as a guest. MONSTA X received a citation from a greeting. I lost my intention. So MONSTA X was a hot, powerful self introduction.

When asked why he had clothed his clothes, he said, “He gave me his face, but his body …”

MONSTA X, who had time to anticipate this activity, saw for the moment to be in first place. “I love Monbebe so much,” said Sharu. Sungwon said, “Thank you for listing the name of MC for ‘Weekly Idol’. In fact, the MONSTA X is said to be real.

The point choreography of this MONSTA X’s new song ‘Shoot Out’ is Manner Mode dancing. She shook his chest and showed a human vibrating bell. Yoo Se-yoon admired and came out to catch up with the dance of Seanu. Yoo Se-yoon followed closely and received the praise of MONSTA X.

MONSTA X then challenged the group dance mode. However, there was a conspicuous member of the poison, it was a syllabary. Hyung-woong laughed with a shaky chest. Lolco dancing followed, but the members shook and failed at the start. The members were saying, “The volume was in trouble”.

MONSTA X who tried the second challenge. The MONSTA X succeeded, even though it was embarrassed by the fastest bits ever. Members say, “This is the first difficult choreography, the hardest and the hardest.” MONSTA X received sunglasses as a rollcoat dance success gift. Shanu showed Rain ‘Rainism’ dance with sunglasses.

The members had time to release the core while Shirin went to change clothes. “I do not go outside when I wear glasses,” said Ji – heon, “I told him to go outside and he said he was wearing glasses.”

Next, Ji Hyun and Ji Heon went to change clothes. Ji Hyun said, “I like the way Ji Hun-jun wants to be loved.

After that, IM and ARC went to change clothes. Hyungwon said, “It is good for the circular type to be the body, but I thought that I was good.

Prefecture has revealed that “One day, I opened the visit itdeora IM and sat down in the chair game, but IM is not wearing one silohragi surprised in the nude.” Hyungwon and Jiheon said, “When I am living in a foreign country, my nationality has changed, and when I speak English, I do it with low sound.”

“There is a lot of lenses in the mold, The MONSTA X then had the game “I did it”. “I do not want you to take good care of me when my brother wants to play with me,” said Ji – heon, “and let ‘s give it a little shorter.

Minhyuk said to Jeongheon, “Why did you tell the company people that you did not give me a birthday gift? I heard that you were beaten, bought a gift late and liked it.”

Ji Hyun told IM, “Even if it is not threadbare, it’s about the size of underwear.” Then Minhyuk interrupted and said, “You sit nude on a chair and I sit down.” “I am, you are sometimes my brother, and my father does not advise me.” I am apologized for being unable to wipe out the sweat of the chair after being attacked by the attacker. ”

The soul called out the arc. Hyung-won said, “The arc is good, but when I look at my body and envy, I want to do something about it.” I hated me, and I thought, “I want you to talk as it is without confusion.” “It was because of the envy of the innocent bass, and I will think only of it in the future.”

MONSTA X challenged the weekly idol official song “My heart”. Ji-Heon was lascivious with his beauty. Yoo Se-yoon, who has seen this, admits, “It is the first of the boy group.”

MONSTA X then challenged the stake run. Time to see the members’ unity.

MONSTA X succeeded in the shortest time of 30 seconds, and it was able to play a new song music from beginning to end.

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