According to audience measurement company Nielsen Korea ‘bokmyeonga King’ aired on May 12 came in at 5.1% in the metropolitan Part 1, Part 2 8.2%. 1,2 accounted for all of the above sub-ratings East zone 1 minute highest rating went to raise expectations for the masked singers and the value rises gawang ‘Gulliver’ to 8.4% this challenge.

102 took off the mask of the masked singers to challenge gawang which spread jeonggwangho voice, Momo land Ain, actors were jeonghyeongseok, actor yangmira.

Voice flops jeonggwangho took off the mask called the ‘North Star’ struck. His appearance was disappointed panjeongdan grows too precious wares falling in the first round. Jeonggwangho has said members teased as “the wangho ‘while preparing’ bokmyeonga king,” said, “I think ve done themselves voices ever heard was a chance to look back a good story.”

Lovely lead vocal Ain Momo Land brightly lighted stage in a voice that is balhimyeo first line solo after his debut, “I want to show you the stage to the grandfather,” it attracted little comment to tell charm.

Jeonghyeongseok acting simultaneously as actors and actresses are urged dont balhimyeo called “son” bokmyeonga King ‘big fan of, “” to the dreams of his son appeared at the cursor’ bokmyeonga king ‘, “said the old program.

Actors are yangmira did not come along too good these skills to the “songs tend friends are hanging around in the braking. So call look appeared to show you that ability can always, “said the good impression on stage.

102 gawang leave the place of MBC ‘bokmyeonga King’ challenge of gawang ‘Gulliver’ masked singer and lasting is broadcast every Sunday at 5:00 pm.

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