On August 8 (local time), Monsta X appeared on the popular talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on the ABC channel of the United States, attracting the attention of local fans by showing the stage of spectacular performance.

Prior to the full-scale live broadcasting, MONSTA X appeared in real-time exclusive live broadcast through ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ official YouTube channel to heat up the scene.

MONSTA X first staged with the song “ Play It Cool ” produced by Steve Aoki and drew attention to “ DRAMARAMA ” followed by “ Shoot Out ” and “ Alligator ‘singed one after another. The concert reminiscent of the hit song parade provided a lively stage reminiscent of the actual concert, revealing the distinctive sexy and intense performance.

In particular, as the tickets for the stage and the tickets for the performances were sold out earlier, the fans filled the concert hall and enthusiastically cheered and cheered.

The show, which aired on ABC Channel that night, was a new stage and attracted both Jimmy Kimmel and American viewers.

In collaboration with world-renowned hip-hop musician French Montana, ‘WHO DO U LOVE?’ Was the first joint stage to be overwhelmed with spectacular stage manners and fantastic breathing. The overwhelming stage of the two teams attracted the audience perfectly.

MONSTA X attracted US fans’ attention with its fascinating stage and performance. As part of (We Are Here), he will showcase LA performances at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, USA, and announce his participation in the 2019 Teen Choice Awards on the 11th.

On the other hand, MONSTA X is 11am in Korean time (11am in Los Angeles, USA at 7pm, 10pm).Live performances are only available to subscribers who purchase products sold through Naver V Live Plus.

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