First, Diwans made his debut testimony.

Woo Jin-young said, “It took us three years to debut, but I would be very grateful to you for waiting for three years. I will always make you happy. ” Park Woo-dam said, “I waited for a long time and wanted to work harder in the future as hard as I was. I am happy for 5 days so that I can forget everything that was difficult.”

Diwans also reported the latter part of his first broadcast. Woo Jin-young said, “I wanted to show it quickly until I practiced, and I was very confident, but when I first monitored and monitored it, I felt sorry for the lack. I thought I should work harder. ”

Introducing his debut album ‘Wake up: Roll the World’, Cho Yong-geun said, “Team name DON’S combines DICE and the leader. “It was meant to express all of our dice regardless of which dice were rolled.”

Woo Jin-young, who participated in the rap-making of the album’s entire album, said that about the title song “Wake up,” he seemed to have a rap that fit well with the atmosphere of the song.

The members of D-ONEs, who took part in the exclusive medley dance of ‘Idol Radio’, performed the boy group cover stage. DONES was applauded for showing the knife-kunmu in accordance with BOY’s Boy In Luv, EXO’s ‘Tempo’, Taemin’s ‘Shadow’ and EXO’s ‘Love Shot’.

Woo Jin-young performed Giggs’ ‘Officially Missing You’ alone and showed off his breathless rap skills. Park Woo-dam and Kim Hyun-soo sang ‘Friendly Kim Beom-soo’ of Park Hyo-shin with cool singing power and husky voice.

Diwans, who is famous for covering the songs of BiToBi from his debut, immediately showed ‘Springtime Memory’ and ‘You Can not Be Without You’. Fans who visited DJ Jung Il-hoon and Sangam MBC Garden Studio also added fantastic performances and created a warm atmosphere.

MBC Radio’s idol program ‘Idol Radio’ is broadcasted at MBC standard FM (Seoul and Gyeonggi 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application mini every day at 1 am~2am. Every night at 9-10 pm, you can meet the radio (except weekends) before the broadcast in the Naver Vlive application (V app).

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