CIEL (CLC) released a choreography video of the digital single “ME” released on the 29th of last month through the official YouTube channel of Cube Entertainment.

The members of CLC in the public image are showing powerful and charismatic performance of ‘ME (beauty)’ which is gathering the topic that there is no going to break. Especially in the midst of showing intense performances, I caught the attention of the viewers with gentle expressions and gestures.

The fashion of CLC members attracted attention. Members Eugene and Seung-yeon, Son showed off their stylish charm with shorts and black walkers, while members Seung Hee, Yoon Eun, Elki, and Eun Bin showed a style that was easy and comfortable with training suits.

The digital single ‘ME’ is a song that is not only a strong sound and a beat but also a refrain that is reversed as the song progresses. It is a song that means ‘Me’ It is a song that unravels the theme of ‘beautiful me’ with the same pronunciation of ‘美 (美)’.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cel (CLC) will continue its active activities as a digital single ‘ME (beauty)’.

Netizens use various SNS and portal sites to show that they are “very enthusiastic even though they are really cheerful”, “sharp and cool,” and “crazy. I have only left the road. ”

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