Lovelyz (Baby Soul, Yoo Ji-ae, Seo Ji-soo, Lee Mi-ju, Kei, Jin, Ryu Su-jeong, Jeong In-in), the 5th solo concert ‘Alwayz 2’ It was held at the Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu Olympic Park.

Lovelyz’s summer brand concert ‘Allways 2′ is the second performance held in two years following Lovelys’ first solo concert ‘Allways’ in 2017.

In particular, Lovelyz sells their first debut concert, ‘Lovely in Winter Country’, followed by ‘Alwaysz’, ‘Lovely 2 in Winter Country’, ‘Lovely 3 in Winter Country’ and ‘Always 2’. It will continue to be sold out continuously. The Lovelies are continuing their performances every year, unusually for the Girl Group.

Lovelyz’s concert was inspired by the fans with a seat-type concert considering the audience tired of the hot summer weather. In addition, the trolley LED screen and the protruding stage communicated with the fans in close proximity and performed lively performances of the band and satisfying both eyes and ears.

The Lovelyz concert filled the stage with a full set of 25 songs along with a variety of exotic performances as well as lovely and cool charms.

In addition to the recently released mini-6 title tracks ‘We Loved That Day’, we also included hit songs such as ‘Ah-Choo’, ‘Now, Us’, ‘Hi ~’ and ‘You of the Day’. ‘Sleepy Dreams’ ‘Rapunzel’ ‘Amusement Park’ ‘Fondant’ ‘Watercolor’ ‘LOVE GAME’ ‘SWEET LUV’ ‘Secret Garden’ ‘RAIN’ ‘Good Night’, such as Lovelyz with a lot of hits and famous songs, gave a lot of fun to the audience.

The highlight of this concert was the unit stage. Especially, every stage performed different stage and attracted attention.

On the first day of the show, Lovelies reinterpreted the movie ‘Aladdin’ OST ‘A Whole New World’, Kim Dong-ryul’s ‘Thanks’, Lee Sun Hee’s ‘Meet You Inside’, Mel Romance’s ‘Gift’ On the second day, Shinhwa’s “Brand New,” Park Jin-young’s “Who’s your mother,” Bangladeshi boy’s “Idol,” and “Cy Young’s” entertainer The members, who appeared in black and white suits, showed intense and charismatic performances, and fans cheered on the anti-war charm of Lovelyz.

On the last day’s performance, the hits ‘Destiny’, ‘Candy Jelly Love’ and ‘Dong’ were arranged in JAZZ, EDM and ROCK versions, respectively, to show another charm of Lovelyz.

The last Lovelyz thanked the fandom ‘Lovers’ who filled the venue. The members said, “We had a lot of thoughts and troubles in the five concerts, but with the Loveliners, we have lost those worries. Thank you for being a big presence for us, and I want you to be together forever. I have finished impressively with ‘Always 2’.

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