One of the first mini-albums “RAISE US”, Kun-hee and Ido’s personal concept photo, was posted at 0 o’clock today on the 17th.

In the open photos, Kuni and Ido show a sophisticated yet intense personality with suits, uniforms and harnesses. If Kanghee had emphasized soft manliness with a bright visual with a warm smile, the black-eyed idol showed a charismatic look with chic eyes and a sharp jaw line”

In particular, this concept photo symbolizing dawn at dawn captures eye-catching attention by highlighting the cool yet sexy charm of One Earth members. In the form of a lively boy, he gained an intense sense of humor and raised his curiosity about the new album concept.

One Earth announces its new mini album ‘RAISE US’ on the 27th. Starting on 15th, Comeback Scheduler is releasing group concept photos and personal concept photos in order to raise fans’ expectations.

Previously, Wears Earth expressed his publicity with his debut album “LIGHT US”, and made clear the beginning of the story to be created by WON Earth. In this “RAISE US”, we will draw the process of the members to come up to the higher place with the love of the public (light).

As a result, Won Earth participates in production of choreography and composition from the debut album as an unusual newcomer, and is also involved in choreography. As a talented idol, he is surely taken the lead in the public.

On the other hand, Won Earth will announce the second mini album ‘RAISE US’ on the 29th.

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