The movie “Intimate Strangers” (director Lee Jae-gyu, provided by Lotte Entertainment, production film monster, co-production drama house) has exceeded one million people on the 4th day of the opening day.

The “Intimate Strangers”, which has been in the top box office of overwhelming box office with unbeaten moves, boasts of the fastest comic movies released this year.

According to the statistics of the integrated computer network on the 3rd, the movie ‘Perfect One’ broke the audience of 1 million 2600 at 4 pm on the same day.

This is because it is faster than the first movie comedy that was released in 2018, “It’s Only My World” (6th day of opening), “Detective: Returns” (5th day), “Secret of Detection: It is a record. This is the same rate as the “Youth Police” (2017), a popular movie that attracted 5.65 million viewers last year.

“Intimate Strangers” perfectly succeeded the box-office baton of ‘Lucky’ (2016), the first legend of the epic box set, As a result, it is worth noting that it will be able to win the best commercial of the comedy genre.

Actors Yu Hae-jin, Cho Jin-woong, Lee Seo-jin, Jae-aa Song and Song Ha-yoon have released a sensible photo using LED light application.

On the 4th day of the opening, it will surpass 1 million viewers, and will go on to the top of the box office, surpassing the competition ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘Prodigy’. The ‘perfect others’

The “Intimate Strangers” draws the secret of the individual who would have imagined once about everyone, using a friendly mobile phone as a material. Thanks to the explosive smoke synergy of the best actors in Korea, the word-of-mouth is bursting, and the bike-free run is running.

“Intimate Strangers” draws an unpredictable story about a game that has to be forced to reveal phone, text, and cacao talk messages to cell phones for a limited time in a perfect looking couple.

The “Intimate Strangers”, a hot topic this autumn, has surpassed one million viewers at the moment, and is being praised in the theater.

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