Boy group SHINee members of the late family of Jonghyun established foundation ‘Light’ to help young artists.

Esquire Korea released an interview with Lee Eun – kyung, mother of Ko Jong – hyun, on the official Instagram on June 6. In the interview, Lee Eun-kyung said that his family gathered their strengths and founded the foundation, “Light”, and that they had the inauguration ceremony on June 6 in Cheongdam-dong. He explained that he founded the group because he wanted to touch the shadows of young cultural artists who walk the same way as his son.

The main purpose of the Foundation is to establish a psychological counseling center to cure the hearts of young artists. I plan to help young artists who are having difficulties because they do not have their agency, and I am going to do a scholarship project together with art high school. In addition, we plan to hold ‘Light and Art Festival’ to remember Jonghyun every year in December. All operating funds of ‘Light’ are operated on the royalty of music left by Jonghyun.

Lee Eun-kyung said, “I still see sick young people in my sick eyes.” He said, “Even though my son is gone, there are some people who like Jonghyun’s music and I always appreciate them.”

In the meaningful walk of the Kohong family, fans and businessmen are giving thanks. They said, “I just want to say thank you. It would be a hard decision, but it is meaningful and good. “,” Jonghyun was so warm that she resembled her mother. Thank you for sharing such good news “,” I hope that the establishment of the Foundation will bring happiness to many artists. Jonghyun should have loved this news. It is still a grip “and is sending a message of thanks and appreciation.

On the other hand, Jonghyun suddenly left the fans on December 18 last year. In January of this year, Jonghyun’s last album “Poet Artist” was released. Jonghyun’s song titled “Light” was written, composed and arranged by the directing artist. At that time, his agency SM Entertainment said, “I hope that Jong Hyun’s heart, which strives to love music and communicate through music, will be well communicated to you.”

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