This is the title song of ‘COLOR IZ’, the first mini album of Aizu Won (Miyawaki Sakura, Joeyu Lee, Choi Yeonna, An Yoo Bye, Yabuki Naka, Kwon Ebi, Kang Hye Won, Hideto Hitomi, Kim Chae Won, La Vie en Rose ‘music video hit a billion views on March 31.

The “Lavigne Rhodes” music video, which was uploaded via YouTube’s official YouTube channel last October, led to explosive interest from fans around the world, exceeding 10 million views in just four days. Since then, we’ve been steadily raising our views, and finally we have created a record of achieving a billion views.

‘Rabbi Roth’ is a French word for ‘rosy life’. It is a song with the passion of Aizu Won, which tells you that you and I, and all of us, are going to water our lives in rosy. It is a powerful and addictive chorus, I got a lot of love by grabbing my ear.

The music video also attracted the fans around the world with its colorful visual effects based on the red tone, the clean and beautiful visuals of the members, and the enchanting dance, and helped Aizu One become a global group.

On the other hand, Aizu won the first solo concert ‘EYES ON ME’ in Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong starting in Seoul in June, and concert in 4 cities in Japan And will spur global action.

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