tvN was revealed to the scene of a scripted practice that was smashed with laughter.

The TVN New Saturday drama “Let me melt you” (drummer Sung Woo Chul, production studio dragon, Story Phoenix) is the first time that a man and woman participating in a 24-hour freezing human project wake up after 20 years due to a mysterious plot, The side effects of not exceeding 33 ° and the throbbing romance that makes a tight tightrope between the rising temp of the chest.

In the drama, “The Girl Who Becomes a Hard Girl”, “The Gracious Girl”, “The Miracle of the Miracle We Met”, and “The Lovers of Paris”, “Secret Garden”, “Shintoism of the Gentlemen” Shin Woo Chul cooperates with the best hitmaker have.

In June, the first scriptwriting practice of Sangam-dong in Seoul was held with the writer Baek Mi-kyung and Shin Woo-cheol, including Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-ah, Yoon Se-yi, Won-Hee Kim, Won-Hae Kim, , Seo Jeong Yeon, Yun Yoo, and other major cast members. On the day when the actors who gathered together the actors who had the expectation and the trust at the same time by name alone were gathered together, the scene was always full of hot heat and delightful laughter.

“I hope it will be a happier drama after finishing than before”, and a script writing exercise started in the atmosphere of an angry atmosphere of the actors who introduced each of them. Ji Chang-wook, who plays the star-studded PD, Ma-chan-chan, who is awakened by the frozen human being, has been enjoying the atmosphere of the scene with his joyful laughter points between his younger brother and his younger brother I pulled it up.

Another frozen human being who woke up with Majong Chan, the antagonist of Gumi Ran, predicted the transformation of acting into an unforeseeable character with a shabby and unattractive face. She was a ghost story from the first scripting practice to perfecting the confused state of the world that had woken up in 20 years. After the first love of MADONG CHOAN, and turned into a cool and cold snob, Yoona breaks up into a cold and cold snob, expressing the emotional line that shook the image of MADONG CHAN that appeared as it was 20 years ago.

Another actor who made the scene smashed by laughter bombs is Im Won Hee, Kim Won Hae, Jae Su Kyung. The younger sister Son Hyun-gi, who was a younger brother of Ma-chan twenty years ago, disintegrated into a laugh with 20 years gap. I am the director of the Broadcasters’ Entertainment Department but I have overcome my hand, Hyung Ki, and Maho in the front of Mardong Chan who has been stuffed with his youthful appearance. However, Mardong Chan is called ‘Brother’, ‘Brother’ The situation of the Lord met their perfect performance, and they preached the birth of many comic scenes.

In addition to the works of Shim Hyung-tak of Hwang Jang-chin of Miran, who is also a delightful licorice actor, and Yoon Seok-hwa, the mother of Kim Dong-chan who became aged in his wife for 20 years, , Gil Hye Yeon of Mi Ran Ma, and friend of Miran and Seo Jung Yeon of Wooyoung’s wife Oh Young Seon. The actors who exert their sense of presence have perfected the perfection of their characters by perfecting their characters.

The production crew said, “From the first scripting exercise, the mastermind of the writer has entered the mood, and the perfect acting of the actors is added to the pleasant story. You can look forward to the transformation of actors as well as the pleasant chemistry created by the interesting setting of characters. ” He added, “It is anticipated that I will be able to see the exciting script of Baek Mi-kyung and the director of Shin Bum-cheol Shin Woo-cheol, to dissolve the hearts of viewers,” “Let me melt the day to show thawed romance and frozen mystery.”

It is scheduled to be broadcast on tvN in the second half of this year and following the Astandal Chronology Part 3.

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