‘The Banker’ Kim Sang-jung gave a heart-touching tension to the front-end clash with Seo, who led the bankruptcy of new employees in the bank. Seo Sook Sook, a former director who received the right to generalize personnel from Dong Geun, was angry at Kim Sang – jung ‘s lack of sanctity and voiced his direct supervision room and shouted at him.

In addition, the fast-paced events reflecting the tense power war of Korea Bank and the social problems of reality, which are changing rapidly around the Dong Geun-Kim Tae-woo-Seo-Sook-Chishira, caught the eyes of viewers. It is the second most popular audience in the same time period with the audience’s appreciation for the unfolding development, actors’ performance, and the real emotional story, and is raising expectations for the next broadcast.

In the 9-10th MBC drama “The Banker” (Seo Eun Jung, Oh Hye Ran, Bae Sang Wook / Directing Lee Jae Jin / Director MBC / Production MBC / Production Lemolaine) broadcasted on the last 10 days, Dae-ho Roh (Kim Sang- I got a job interview with a new employee and got a full audit. Leading the corruption leader (Seo Sook-soo), and the lecture hall, the front office collided head-on with the inspection room and raised the tension to the peak.

‘The Banker’ is the first bank in the Bank of Korea. The branch office is promoted to the auditor of the head office.

Daeho first went straight to the head of the headquarters of Han Sook-ji (Chishira) and started asking about the issue of closing the Princess branch. In the end, the unfortunate ending of the planting, Sujyu, who was uncomfortable to plant due to the departure of the deputy director’s bodyguard (guiding section, below), said, “This is a battlefield! It’s just that you have to change your evaluation criteria! Who’s going to decide that? They’re the bosses! ”

So, when Daeho’s suspicion is about to reach Kang Sam-do, the president of the bank, Lee said, “No, do not misunderstand me! I do not believe that I’m just an arbitrary decision of the manager.” Respectively.

In the meantime, Jang Jeong-soo continued with the chamber secret meeting with Park Ji-ho (Nam Moon Ryul, hereinafter referred to as Park Geon-joo), who became the head of the Financial Supervisory Service, Kim Jeong-suk.

The day’s meeting was to celebrate the appointment of Park as the head of the Financial Supervisory Service. Kang Jung-chan politely refused to do so, but Justice and Park continued to press on and announced the beginning of a rush to hire new employees.

Lee Jang-chan called the challenge call and handed over the telephone number of the member of the criminal justice committee, and proposed the position of general manager of the bank and the new hiring progress. I was curious to see what the next big picture he painted in the appearance of the gangbang seemed to be putting the pressure of the secret room members to the challenge.

Meanwhile, the deputy leader Hwigong-gon (Kim Tae-woo, hereinafter referred to as the deputy director) started to expand his tax. After the Deputy Chief Cabinet Officer, he was able to get into the ‘making line’ any time without having to force him to come to him as the dragged officers dragged him on the magnets. He went to the Gangjeong branch and handed over the organizational restructuring and demanded that he take charge of all of the major jobs that would sweep the whole bank.

In the end, they said, “It is true that people do not change easily.” Whatever you entrust to someone is still your heart, but just as before. I will not go to hell, “he replied.

As a result, the reorganization of the Korean banking system has led to the management of personnel, general affairs, As a public relations officer, Suzuki, who became a new official as a manager and a challenger who was a rivals, was unable to hide his or her feelings.

In the course of the recruitment process of the new employee, Confucius looks at her ability and suggests that she come to her line, “Come down to me!” “If you are a Korean bank officer and you are the general manager of a bank, please have a good manners etiquette for that,” said Suzy, “I am sure you are my boss.” did.

In the final recruitment of newly hired new employees, Challenging Mom participated in the interview as a direct interviewer. The director of Human Resources, who felt suspicious, questioned the challenge of showing himself out of the interview and showing his dogmatism. “I had no reason to exclude myself from the final interview as the head of the personnel department, and the written test line was suddenly adjusted,” he said.

In response to a report from the director of the Human Resources Department, Daeho instructed the staff of the Audit Office to do all the necessary work on the recruitment irregularities. The challenge of getting to know the facts about the recruitment scandal of the Audit Office was furious and raging.

Suddenly, when I stepped into the office, the challenge suddenly ran into the inspection room and yelled, “What are you doing, Dae-ho! What are you doing?” Daeho, who had watched the challenge of the challenge, noticed an angry expression that he had never seen before, “What are you doing now?”

In this broadcast, the employment hurdles of the financial sector were highlighted by political pressures and their transactions, and the actors ‘attractiveness was added to attract the viewers’ empathy. In addition, Moon Hong-joo (Cha In-ha) officially joined the auditor’s office, and Sam-bo-gul (An-yeon-min) and Roh-ho (Shin Hyun-hyun) have.

According to Nielsen Korea on November 11, ‘The Banker’, which was broadcast the previous day, was ranked second in the same time zone, with 3.7% in the metropolitan area and 4.5% in the 10th.

The viewers who watched “The Banker” 9-10 times, “The big hit! The drama reflects the reality, every corner of the country is irrational,” “the company politics and corruption in the company. “,” I see a lot of emotions in the performances of actors “,” Somewhere in our society, there will be someone like Thanksgiving “,” This is a drama to watch just right. And so on.

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