Music platform Melon released the theme of ‘2018 melon music awards with cacao’ on the 10th anniversary.

The Melon Music Awards showcases the story of every moment that has been done with K-POP, while reminiscing the efforts and efforts of fans, artists, and music industry actors, the driving force of K-POP growth, It will be deployed. To this end, the extraordinary artists who had difficulty in meeting at one place will announce a special stage reminiscent of a solo concert, and a new record of K-POP will be written. Mamamoo, red-hot teen, and non-Tobi (in alphabetical order) have announced the addition of the bangtan boy band, iKON, BLACK PINK, Wanna One and Apink , And for the biggest music festival in Korea, we unveiled some of the special stage that prepared the theme ‘MY STORY’ of ‘2018 MMA’.

Recently, she was awarded first prize in the music broadcasting and she said, “Seo Eun-gwang really wanted to do this kind of activity.” She said, “Thanks to the storytelling, We are preparing for the stage that seems to be together. The main character icon of the ‘farewell trilogy’ followed by ‘I Love You’ Syndrome followed by ‘Dying’ and ‘Way to Say Goodbye’ is going to solve the story of men who say farewell through beautiful and grand collaboration with the orchestra.

Wanna One, who won last year’s Rookie of the Year award and lyrical and powerful performance of ‘Youth First Act’, tells the story that he wants to convey to Warner Bible in the performance of ‘Youth 2 Act’. It is noteworthy that Warner One, who sings “spring breeze” coming back through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, will wrap the fans in what message.

The group, which has been more prominent than any other group, also meets fans in a different way at the ‘2018 Melon Music Awards’. Let’s not miss the group’s special stage, which has shown its versatility by expanding its stage of activity with various musical attempts, performances and fashion this year.

Mamamoo, who is loved by every sound source he presents like “Mamu Mumu (Believe Mamumu to listen to)”, seeks fans with more sexy and brilliant performances. Black Pink introduces two conflicting forms of shaking in front of an intense temptation in a new form with ‘artistic elements’ added. The mise-en-scene for the Black Pink is another point of observation.

A pink will fill the stage with a deadly charm reminiscent of Moulin Rouge. It is expected to transform into ‘Moulin Rouge Diva’, which creates a seductive atmosphere in a magnificent and colorful stage. The adolescent teenager will show off a story about the ‘journey with someone’ on stage and show him something new that he has not usually shown.

Melon Music Awards official said, “With the presence of active artists on the world stage, we will announce the final line-up soon.” “It’s a meaningful and enormous music festival, I will give back to their support. ”

On the other hand, ‘2018 Melon Music Awards with Cacao’ will be held from 7 pm on December 1st. – Hosted by Cacao – Hosted by Cacao M, MSTORM – Supported by Hyundai Motor, Cacao Bank, KB Securities, GT Tour – △ media sponsorship – JTBC Plus △ global media partner – JOOX (Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia) and My Music (Taiwan) will be held at Goguryeo Sky Dome in Gurogu, Seoul.

The event was broadcast through JTBC2, JTBC4, and online – the domestic music platform Melon, the global K-POP representative channel Wonder Kay (1theK), Kakao TV, portal Daum, and KakaoTalk # MMA. Live to the world.

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