In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘The Wife’s Taste Nowhere in the World’ (hereinafter referred to as Wife’s Taste), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of April 4, ‘Mister Trot’ Hong Proverbs and Lim Do-hyung were depicted.

On that day, Hong and Myung Im went to an amusement park and met Lee Do Jin. Lee Do-jin headed to the ice rink in the amusement park for his vacation homework.

Lee Do-jin said, “Let’s hold your uncle’s hand.” I ride side by side. ” But Hong Proverbs and Lim Do-hyung shook their tongues and laughed.

Lee Do-jin brought a penguin device to help, and Hong Zham-eon regained his pride and sprinted the ice rink.

After a long exercise, Lee Do-jin bought a hamburger for his sweaty brother and bought it.

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