Mama and Hamsowon went to the oriental medical examination together. At the hospital, the doctor advised Mama, “If you overeat frequently, you can get over your stomach. Early gastritis, so be careful. You’d better go on a diet.” 

In the end, Hamsowon made a pledge to Mama, “I will give you a million won when I reach my target weight.” Mama eats only vegetables at the buffet and replaces apples for dinner, but he did not look good. 

Hamsowon stepped out as Mama’s daily instructor. Hamwon said, “The correct operation is important.” In the studio, Ham So-won explained, “We made yoga and exercise in 2008.” Park asked, “How old was evolution in 2008?” Evolution was “15 years old. Since then, I liked the association” to make the sea of ​​laughter around. 

Mama went into the room after exercise. But when everyone fell asleep, Mama came back to the living room. At that time, ‘Taste of Wife’ was being rerun on TV. Mama walked as if entering the TV watching her eating past and laughed. 

Mama finally opened the fridge. But when there was no food in the fridge, I checked the delivery. But when she couldn’t place an order, she woke up to her babysitter. Mama ordered seven chicken feet menus. Aunt asked, “Do you let me do this so much,” he said. Mama said, “I’m hungry. I’m hungry and can’t sleep.” 

Mama wore a jumper and went to the entrance of the apartment to wait for food. Mama said, “I waited from the bottom because my daughter-in-law wakes up when I press the bell.” With the chicken feet, Mama went back home. Mama came home and quietly pulled out the chicken feet one by one and smiled. 

Mama began to eat chicken feet one by one, noticing that Hamsogen would wake up. Mama quietly began to dislocate chicken feet in the dark, becoming a ‘night snack parasite’ and swelling around. 

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