In the TV Chosun entertainment program ‘Taste of Wife’ broadcasted on the 4th night, the daily lives of Trot Shindong Hong Jam-eon and Lim Do-hyung of ‘Mister Trot’ were revealed.

On that day, Hong Jam-eon and Lim Do-hyung met with Cho Young-soo composer. Jo Young-soo promised to give the song to Lim Do-hyung and Hong.

Lim Do-hyung confused Cho Young-soo with the mature words, “It is an honor for the best composer to give us songs.”

Afterwards, Jo Young-soo gave them two homeworks: “Why don’t you write the lyrics yourself while your uncle writes songs? Write the lyrics about friendship.”

Lim Do-hyung and Hong Jam-eon later met with Lee Do-jin for their vacation homework. At the time of ‘Mister Trot’, Lee Do-jin had a special friendship with Lim Do-hyung and Hong Proverbs.

After skating on the ice, Lim Do-hyung, Hong Zam-eon, and Lee Do-jin ate a hanger and took a break. Lim Do-hyung laughed at Lee Do-jin, saying, “Song fits better than exercise.”

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