On the 4th, TV Chosun, ‘Taste of Wife, Nothing in the World’ (hereinafter ‘Taste of Wife’), Hamsowon’s mother-in-law’s diet masterpiece, ‘Trot Shindong’ Hong Song-myeon and Lim Do-hyung’s new song debate were unveiled.

Ham So-won visited the Korean Medical Center together for her mother-in-law’s health checkup. Ham So-won and her mother-in-law measured in-body side-by-side before they were treated. As a result, Ham So-won was surprised at her incredible slim figure, who is 172cm tall and weighs 48.7kg. Hamsowon said, “That weight is the same for 20 years.”

On the other hand, the mother-in-law, who lost 6kg in a year, was still overweight and had an unpleasant feeling due to abdominal obesity and excessive body fat. In addition, even mild gastritis, doctors repeatedly emphasized, “don’t strain your stomach.”

The mother-in-law, however, said she was “hungry” even while receiving acupuncture for abdominal obesity. Even tasteless Chinese medicine eats deliciously, and requested a refill (?). The nurse said, “I’m the first one to ask twice.”

Afterwards, Ham So-won went to the buffet with her mother-in-law. “I usually go to restaurants with my mother for more money than a buffet. So when I came, I booked a buffet and I heard about the diet.

Mother-in-law, “if I knew this did not start diet today,” instinctively rushed toward the meat. But Hamsowon convinced, “You must eat a lot of vegetables,” and her mother-in-law cried and eated mustard vegetables. At the same time, the mother-in-law sniffed the ribs hidden behind Hamseon’s secret.

Hamsowon said that her mother-in-law’s target weight is 60kg. “If you lose weight by the target value, I will give you 1 million won.” My mother-in-law, “Let’s go exercise,” burned the will. Afterwards, the two threw up a frenzy of aqua aerobics in the pool.

After completing the exercise, Ham So-won and her mother-in-law visited the traditional market to buy fruit that Hye-jung likes. Mother-in-law was surprised to overcome the many food temptations in the traditional market. “I took pride. I will succeed diet. I wanted to show the will in front of his daughter-in-law,” he said again.

Even after returning home, her mother-in-law showed her willingness to lose 8kg while filling her stomach with apples, instead of being tempted by Ham’s pork belly. Ham So-won was surprised by her mother’s will for her diet, but she showed her instinct to tell her that she had to drop the pool ticket for exercise. He took out his own yoga DVD, which cost 80 million won, and taught yoga directly to her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law, tired of long-term empty stomachs and the Spartan education of Hamwon, returned to the room. However, her mother-in-law who couldn’t sleep because of hunger went to Mukbang on TV. The mother-in-law, who ordered the late night snacks from the babysitter, said, “I’m not going to diet.”

‘Trop Shindong’ Hong Jam-eon and Lim Do-hyung headed to the office of ‘Mr Trot’ master and composer Cho Young-soo. Earlier, Cho received a decision to drop out at the Mr. Trot audition and promised to “come back” to appease the two tears. Hence, Hong and Myung Hyung decided to visit Cho’s office.

But in the car going to the office, Hong said, “Maybe we just tried to appease us away.” Lim said, “I’ll give it to you because I’m out.” Afterwards, Jo Young-soo met two people. He also listened to Hong’s words and Lim Do-hyung’s song again and gave warm advice and encouragement.

Cho Young-soo proposed a duet to Hong Jam-eon and Lim Do-hyung, saying, “Even if they play a duet, people will like it.” The two people happily accepted Cho’s suggestion, raising their expectations for the duet by burning their will to write their own words.

Afterwards, Hong and Myung Hyung Lim visited the amusement park for their winter vacation. Lee Do-jin, who had a ties in ‘Mr Trot’, stepped out as the protector of the two.

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