On September 12, Hyomin held a showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul for her solo digital single “Mango.”

Hyomin said, “T-ara members cheered for me. I think they’ll be here for the 8 p.m. showcase. My members were the first ones to support me.”

At ILJI Art Hall located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 12th, a new solo album title song “MANGO”

T-ara has also faced legal disputes with MBK Entertainment, a former affiliate, on trademark applications for “Tiara.” Hyundai said, “We conclude that the name ‘Tiara’ is not only ours, but ours, not everyone. We think so too.”

Following Hyomin will want to show the look together as “members and T-ara wind for team work is always. Is going to find a way to get together and coordinate the little comments to each other in the future.

When asked about this at her showcase, Hyomin replied, “The name ‘T-ara’ is not only ours or anyone else’s, and it was decided that it belonged to everyone. We thought that too because we thought that we, the fans, and the agency who created us all had rights to it.”

She continued, “Regarding the issue, we resolved the misunderstanding with our former agency. We really want to show us promoting together. I always have hope for team promotions. We’re planning to work out our opinions and find a way for us to be together.”

Hyomin is 12 days 18:00 through various sources the site will unveil the “mango” at 8:00 pm There will also arrange special place with fans through the showcase.

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