Singer and actor Suzy donated 100 million won for his 25th birthday.

According to the Life Sharing Practice Headquarters (Chairman Sun-myeon Buddhist priest), Suzi was pleased with 100 million won on the 25th birthday on the 10th. The Life Saving Practice Headquarters said, “Suzy has delivered 100 million won this year even after last year.”

An official said, “We are grateful to Suzy for taking the lead in making a healthy and brighter society.” The donation is due to the cost of treatment for pediatric cancer and leukemia patients.

One side has consistently practiced good works. In 2014, he registered for the donation of organ and tissue donation, and he has shown special interest in supporting children suffering from incurable diseases such as leukemia and childhood cancer.

In addition, in 2015, we joined the “Honor Society”, a major donor group. We did not spare the daily necessities for the underprivileged every year, and this year we distributed 20 million won to the unwed mothers support group through ‘sharing the idiot’.

She also donated KRW 20 million to the international relief group World Mercy Korea for the improvement of educational environment in Vietnam and Laos.

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