Super Junior Kyung-hyun hunted the audience’s laughter with his still-intense debut.

On June 6, Super Junior Kyu Hyun appeared in SBS Power FM ‘Love Game of Park So Hyun’ invitation.

Kyu-hyun scrambled to the ‘Love Game’ to defend the re-appearance he promised before joining the party. Park was revealed without concealing his kind heart.

Kyu-hyun, who recently canceled the meeting and was having a fan meeting, said, “I was worried that it would be full. I was afraid that the fans would not go out a lot because I did not know what the human mind would be like over time. Thank you for giving me, “he said to his fans who gave him the same love.

“I did not shed tears a couple of years ago, but I tried not to cry after the call, but tears flowed.”

On the 20th of last month, Gyu-hyun’s new solo album “Go to see you” was released in two years. Regarding this, Kyu-hyun said, “I was nervous.” “I was worried that if I did not feel like it, I would have lost my sense of what I was doing. I praised the person who managed me for 10 years when I recorded it.

Kyu-hyun has made a new challenge with music talk show MC through JTBC2 ‘Run Wave’. Kyu-hyun said, “I did not have a musical ability to perform in the program, but I was willing to give it a chance. I am going to be with the guests who are worried about me alone.

In addition, Kyu-hyun also reported that he was filming as a non-MC guest on Radio Star. He said, “I’ve been doing good, I’ve been cool, I’ve always been the same.

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