Group Super Junior Kyu Hyun (Cho Kyu Hyun, 31) has returned to the solo album full of ballad emotions. Especially, this album was focused on the fact that Kyu-hyun’s music is to start up his activities after he finished his alternative service as a social worker for two years.

Maeil Business Daily Today met with Kyu-hyun at the SM Communication Center in Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and conducted his third single album, “The day we meet again.” Kyu-hyun announced his plans for the future along with his reminder of the summons at the interview.

“I was sorry that I could not go on active duty due to traffic accidents and finished military service as a social service agent. I think the past two years have been rather awkward than I thought. I was nocturnal, and I did not have a regular life, so it was hard to get to work at 9:00 AM and leave at 6:00 PM. I think I lived on a Friday every day. (Laughter) It was a time when I could feel that ‘this was what the worker’s life was like.’ ”

The third single of Kyu Hyun released on the 20th, “Going to see you” is an album on the line of “Goodbye for now” which was released for fans before enlistment. When I greeted the fans before the admission, I greeted the fans with the meaning of “I will go to see you” who waited for the long time Kyu-hyun 2 years later. The title song ‘Aewol-ri’ is a ballad with a story to hide the love and fear of being away from it. Kyung-hyun writes and writes directly.

“The title song ‘Awolly’ is a song made by staying in Jeju Awolly during vacation. When I am most upset with everyone, I do not think that it is time for a loved one not to love himself. As I got more and more distant, I thought that both of them would be hard. When I was thinking about this, I took ‘Unclaimed’ as a motif and wrote ‘Awalie’. I made this album with the idea that I want to do music that I want to do and give a gift to my fans rather than music for the public. I wrote this song I’m going to have more affection dwaeseo album title song ”

He made his debut with Super Junior’s digital single album ‘U’ in 2006 and became a senior in his 14th year. “I think it was almost the oldest thing before the military service,” he said. “I live with younger men, and when I see younger women, I run away because I do not know how to deal with them. I would like to say hello to you … If you see me and say hello, I can say hello to you. ” In the meantime, there is no scheduled music broadcasting activity with ” Awolly ”. If you give me a chance in the entertainment program, I would be able to call it one by one. ”

Kyu-hyun cited “attachment to the team” as a key to Super Junior’s long-term activities. “Members have a lot of affection for the team, and I think the name Super Junior is so precious. I may have a contract with others on good terms, but I know that everyone has given up little by little. ”

When asked about what kind of thinking is going on with their juniors these days, I thought, “Looking at Seventeen, I thought, ‘How many are that many?’ ‘I thought we were so many.’ I am proud to have a large number of groups since we have been there. ”

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