Group Super Junior member Kyuhyun the MBC variety program “The Anti becomes more difficult,” why not accept the ‘Radio Star’ MC appearances proposal said.

On May 7th, Kyuheon, who was summoned after completing the alternative service for social worker, received many entertaining love calls before returning to the entertainment industry. From ‘Radio Star’ team, which had been meeting for a long time before enlistment, it was asked to appear on TVN ‘Shin Seo-yuki’, ‘Seo-wookiee abduction river restaurant’, ‘ Among them, Kyu-hyun told the news of the final test of ‘Radio Star’ through his agency on the day of cancellation.

Kyu-hyun met with reporters at the SM Communication Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on May 14 ahead of the release of the new single “The day we meet again” on May 20.

Kyuhyun is, “said the ‘Radio Star’ close to six years, so thankfully, and the program was able to tell my name to many people, I started to be entertained. But I passed by a few years, some point within the anti-sudden awful I thought it would be easy to understand because I am an artistic person, but it has been piled up without knowing it, “he said.

“At one point I was so sick of the antics of many ants, and I was so sick of being alone at home, crying at home, getting stressed, and getting stressed. I had to do that a lot, “he added.

I also thanked the crew and MC for their gratitude and sorryness. Kyu-hyun said, “This time, the producers gave me a suggestion that I could not enjoy the stress too much because of this, and it made me understand. Fortunately, many people raised me and said that they betrayed me. I think it is a thankful program that has made a lot of progress. ”

“I’d go now gotta give MC a call at any time but did not mean to attack the guest brother, told him the crew to the people. I wish I’d receive too much stress should not look good.. Now I do not get stressed I thought I wanted to do something that I could enjoy. ”

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