The fashion magazine Nylon released a cover photo of the stern on 18th. In front of the world tour, Stern had attracted attention by increasing his weight by 8kg for fitness management. He had a healthy and resilient charm.

This picture was made after finishing the Paris concert, the last destination of the World Tour. Stern says that he led the atmosphere of the filming scene in a bright, without exhausting colors.

During the filming, he was attracted by tourists from all over the world.

In the interview that followed, Stern expressed his gratitude to the world fans he met during the tour. “There are such artists in Korea. I started to think about doing this music, doing such a performance, having a story like this, and wanting to know it only. ”

On October 17th, Stern revealed his body weight at 50kg in his social network service (SNS) Instagram. Stern, who was a pronoun of the dry body of 40kg, increased his weight by exercising and kept weight constantly.

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