After the news of the release of ‘Noir’ on March 4th at 6:00 pm, Sunmi has gathered a lot of topics every day and released the fourth ‘like it’ teaser.

On the second day of midnight, make-earth entertainment released three concept photos with the fourth ‘like it’ teaser of Sunmi’s new song ‘Noir’ through the official SNS.

In the open teaser, she showed both loveliness and rebellious charm with the head of the wig with a charm of youthfulness, the colorful nail, and the gaze with deep eyes. Then he covered his face with his hand and stared at the front, and a photo of dreamy charm and a picture of gazing at the front with a lustful look were revealed.

In this ‘like it’ teaser, unlike the past teasers that included the heart symbol, it attracted attention by drawing a heart mark directly on the ball. After ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ were written on the teaser that was previously released, the fourth ‘like it’ teaser uses ‘Subscribe’.

Sunmi is raising his expectation for the new song by announcing a new interpretation of Noir, a new song ‘Noir’ through the ‘like it’ teaser, which is the main theme of the heart symbol.

In particular, Sunmi has been interviewed by Billboard magazine, and the new song ‘Noir’ is about ‘what is’ Noir’ in the current era. ”

Sunmi has released the first single ‘Kasina’ in August 2017 after transferring to the agency and succeeded in box office. In January, 2018, it proved once again as a single ‘hero’. The title song “Siren” of the mini album ‘WARNING (Warnings)’ released in September last year has recorded the perfect allure which records all real time / day / week / chart of all music charts. He has also won six awards for music broadcasts, and has recorded a unique record as a female solo artist.

In particular, Sunmi is the first area of ​​the first world tour ‘2019 Sunmi The 1st World Tour [WARNING]’. It is the first of the four concert cities in North America including New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Calgary, Sold out and collected topics. Other areas are also showing signs of a sell-off and Mexico is proving to be a hot addition to the region.

On the other hand, Sunmi will announce his new song ‘Noir’ at 6 pm on March 4th.

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