Sulli will release his first new song as solo.

Sulli will release a solo recording at the end of June.

This is the first time Sully has released a solo song after his debut. Sully, who has recently featured in Dean’s “Shadow of the Moon” and has been collecting stories, will show her first solo song with her own name.

With his passion for music as well as his debut as a singer, Sully decided to show off her songs for fans who always support her. However, specific action plans have not yet been decided after the release of the sound source.

Recently, Sully has been acting as a performer through films such as ‘Real’ (director and director) and reality ‘truth shop’. The debut 14 years after the surprise announcement of the solo song, Soul is sure to focus on what song will show fans.

On the other hand, Sully appears on JTBC2 entertainment ‘Night of Eve’ which is broadcasted first on the 21st.

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