Singer and performer Sully said about the male image he wanted.

The JTBC2 ‘Fortune of the Day’ broadcast on the 14th revealed a phone call with Sully. On last week’s broadcast, ‘Sulrie’s Contemplative Woman’ and ‘Dalmatian’s Contemplative Man’ blinding scenes were released, and MCs attempted to make a phone call to see if Sullie really liked a man with a contemplative dharma. did.

Sulley received a call from Shin Dong and said, “I’m drinking wine and eating Guamegi.”

He then heard the reason for the phone call and said, “I think my personality will be very good when I am contemplating Dharma.”

But Sully said, “But I don’t see you now.” The MCs asked Sully, “Are you not looking at your appearance?” Sully responded, “I’m trying to see too much.”

Sully said, “I’ll have to meet my boyfriend because I care about the difference. I will try to reduce the age difference, ”he added.“ I have to go on a blind date for today’s fortune. ”

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