StrayKids will release trailer footage, track list, and personal teaser before the release of their special album ‘Clé 2: Yellow Wood’ and their title song ‘Side Effects’ on the 19th. .

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as “JYP”) will release two group teaser images on the various SNS channels of 0:00 Stray Kids on October 10, featuring all of the nine members of Rajan, Woojin, Reno, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, First appeared.

In the seamless teaser, StrayKids attracted attention with an atmosphere full of charisma and catchy boy beauty. The members have been stimulating their curiosity about the new song ‘side effects’ by emitting a presence and visuals that have been upgraded to a yellow tone.

StrayKids’ comeback title song ‘Side Effects’ is an exquisite blend of deep and heavy messages and intense sound. Psychedelic trance The energy of the Stray Kids in the genre, the lyrics expressed the side effects of the courageously chosen way.

The new special album ‘Kleotou: Yellowwood’ features a total of seven tracks, including three new songs including the title track ‘Side Effects’, ‘Never Walked’ and ‘Thoughts’, and four songs released only on existing CDs. I am YOU, the title track of the mini-3 album, and the mini-4 title track “MiROH” ), I will continue to grow steadily by participating in the songwriting and composition of the whole newborn song as well as the side dish of ‘3RACHA’, the producer song of Stray Kids, Chang Bin, and Han’s title song ‘side effect’.

The ‘Stage Kids’, a new generation of music lovers who have won new awards at various awards ceremonies since their debut in March 2018, have been recognized in the global stage. The first overseas showcase tour was held in Jakarta, Melbourne, Sydney and Manila starting on January 19th of this year in Thailand. In particular, 4 times from May 14 to 15, Newark, LA and Houston, It sold out the exclusive showcase tour and proved the exceptional strength of ‘Next Generation K Pop Representative Group’.

In addition, the US Billboard said, “The Stray Kids are pioneering their way through the showcase tour and the” Cle “album series and the Billboard World album charts with the album” Clewon: Maze ”

On the other hand, StrayKids won the Singer of the Year Singer Award at the ‘2019 Asian Model Awards’ held at the Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu, Songpa-gu, Seoul on September 9. With this, StrayKids achieved ‘Ten New Rookies’.

StrayKids’ special album ‘CLEATO: Yellowwood’ and the title song ‘side effects’ will be released on each sound recording site on the 19th.

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