On December 28th, SBS”Statue Dream Season 2-You Are My Destiny’ aired at 11:15 pm on December 28th, Oh Ji-ho and Eun-boa couples are drawing a blind date for Han Jeong-soo, who turns 50 in the new year.

Oh Ji-ho and Eun-boa couple arranged a blind date for their best friend Jeong-soo. Before the blind date, the two started styling themselves for the fashion terrorist Jeong Soo. He was concerned about the fashion of Han Jeong-su, who enjoys wearing clothes that are close to the body and short tops that cover only the belly button. Accordingly, Oh Ji-ho and Eun-Boa suggested a’boyfriend look’ coordination suitable for a blind date. Eunboa is expected to have transformed Hanjeongsoo from head to toe perfectly with her’gold hand’ makeup skills that she gave to Oh Ji-ho.

Han Jeong-soo, who couldn’t hide the tension on a blind date after a long time, confessed, “I kept the blind date a secret from my mother.” The 20-year keeper Oh Ji-ho is also surprised, raising questions about the reason. On the other hand, Hanjeong-soo imagined a fluttering first meeting with a blind date partner and showed a fatal shortcoming that shocked everyone during the simulation. He said that he faced a crisis situation by revealing the shortcomings even in front of the blind date opponent despite Oh Ji-ho’s manly. In addition, Han Jeong-soo responded to the opponent’s surprise question, asking, “Is it true that the rumors that you have dated 500 women?”

On the other hand, Han Jeong-soo, who is full of a sense of humor, appeared unexpectedly shy, and Oh Ji-ho started coaching on a blind date. After watching this, Eun Boa suddenly began to retrace the couple’s love history, and then began to confess her feelings of regret to Oh Ji-ho. The atmosphere quickly became cold, and finally, the crisis of a couple fight between the two. Broadcast at 11:15 pm on the 28th.

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