The space girl and Jeong Se-woon won the Shinhan Ryu Artist Award and the Voice Award at the ‘2019 SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS’ (2019 SOBA ‘) held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul for 22-23 days. Received each and received the honor of the award.

The space girl said, “Thank you to the Sorisea Awards for the big prize and to the Starship family. And I think this award is a prize made by the friendship people, so I want to say congratulations to the friendship people. ” I will show you how. ”

Jung Se-wooun also said, “Thank you for your valuable prize this year. I want to say thank you to the Starship family and the staff, and I love you. ”“ Thanks to all the fan clubs who are always supporting me. As time goes by, I will try to be a singer who is not empty but filled. ”

The space girl and Jung Se-woon captivated the audience with various stages. The space girl performed the energy-rich performance like ‘Boogie Up’, a bright and refreshing stage, and refreshing energy such as vitamins, while Jung Se-woon performed the ‘Feeling’ stage and gave a cheerful and bright voice based on the unique guitar sound. It filled the stage and boasted a unique charm.

As a result, the space girl, who won the ‘Rising Hot Star Award’ at ‘SOBA’ in 2017, secured her position as a popular girl group by winning the Shinhan Ryu Artist Award this year.

In February, he released ‘La La Love’ with a brilliant performance and unique music colors. In June, he released a special album titled ‘Boogie Up’ to change records since his debut. Proven exceptional growth. The song recorded the record of all-time performances with the No. 1 ranking in the domestic music chart, the top spot in the 14 regions of the iTunes chart, and the 4th place in music broadcasting.

Jung Se-woon also won the second place after winning the Shinhan-Ryu OST Award and Shin-Han Rising Hot Star Award in the first year of his debut last year.

In particular, Jeong Se-woon, who was proud of his eight-colored charms in music and musicals in the first half of 2019, released the mini album ‘± 0 (plus minus zero)’ and the title song ‘Feeling’ in March. The atmosphere was matured with music. In addition, he performed in the musical “ Greece ” as the main character “ Danny ”. Since July, he has performed solo concerts in 2019 covering four Asian cities including Seoul, Thailand, Taiwan, and Busan.He has been playing all weather activities such as holding zero.

Meanwhile, Space Girl and Jung Se-woon will be active in various fields such as music and broadcasting.

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