Jung Hae In is well received for posting a single Dandy Keeper who has a lot of hurt feelings in love in MBC tree mini series ‘spring night’. Jeongsein has fear of love, but it draws a mature and sincere character convincingly and drives the popularity of the drama.

On June 6, Behind Steele’s Jung Hae In is eye-catching as he is showing off the characters in the “spring night” and the warm chemistry. Jung Hae In is drawing a rich relationship between Yi Eun-woo’s son Yoon Eun-woo and his audience, and he is receiving support from viewers. He loves humorousness from outside the camera as well as the love between rich and poor. JiHo’s emotional line, which is strengthened by the silver, is touching the audience.

The relationship with the pharmacy colleagues also makes me laugh. In ‘Spring Night’, Ji-ho is a co-worker with Wang Hye-jung (Seo Jung-yeon) and Lee Se-yeul (Yu-jin). It is a deep-seated relationship that sometimes hits you like a person who sees you every day and covers you with pain. Especially Hye – jung is a person who gives advice, courage and comfort when he needs help. It is a reaction that ‘Seo In-jin’ and Seo Jung-yeon – Lee Ji-jin and the combination that draws are also watching point of ‘spring night’.

I can not forget the respiration of the settlers and friends. In the drama, Ji Ho Choi plays Choi Hyun-soo (Lim Hyun-soo) and Park Young-jae (Lee Chang-hoon) Because he is an old friend, his cheering and worrying mind seems to be a friend of real life around us. Especially, Jeong Haein, Lim Hyun-su, and Lee Chang-hoon are expressing the everyday conversation that comes out from the real gag laughs.

Thus, Jung Haein creates various characters and various chemistries of ‘spring night’ and generates synergy. The love story of Ji Ho and Jung In is the main story of ‘Spring Broom’, but the small smiles and emotions that are created with the surrounding people add to the drama.

In the spring night, which is only two remnants, the expectation of breathing with the characters to be drawn by the ruler is gathering hope.

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