“Park So Hyun’s Love Game” is not the first-ranked solo rapper Song Min-ho.

Song Min-ho, who has been performing his first solo activity since his debut on SBS Power FM ‘Love Game of Park So Hyun’ on 11th, came out as a surprise guest. Song Min-ho has won the first place on various music broadcasts and sound record charts with his’

Especially on SBS ‘popular song’ which was broadcasted on the 9th, bigger topic was gathered with the testimony of the storm lapping after the first place. Song Minho said, “I greeted the people who were grateful for the album. I mentioned all of them but I did not mention the teddy brother, I actually wanted to sing one of the staff, but I was glad that I did without regret.

Park said, “I did not anticipate the first place on the music charts that came out as a solo between big groups of fandom like Warner One and Exo.” Song Minho said, “I was not expecting at all, I was really surprised, I was satisfied with just getting a regular album filled with 12 songs, and I was surprised because I enjoyed my grades.

Park said, “I am surprised because I struggled with the first place in the sound field, such as Pole Kim and Kim Dong-ryul. Song Minho also did not check the original chart, but this time it was amazing and I checked it with gratitude, “he said. There are a lot of schedules and I am happy even though I am so happy. Thank”

‘Ahnjae’ music video is also receiving a hot love from fans around the world. Song Minho said, “I actually shot the music video twice, and now it’s the extra shot.” “I originally shot it in a fantasy set, but it was not so good with the music, so I shot it again after I talked with President Yang Hyun-suk.

In addition to Winner and solo activities, Song Mino is also active as an entertainer through TVN ‘Sungkyunkwan’ series. He said, “Before I announced ‘Anakin’, I listened to ‘Sungkwongi’ brothers. There were not any people at all, I was confused because I heard too much about the album.

He said, “I surprised Lee Goo-geun and Kang Ho-dong. Sookeun likes to sing, and he said he liked my song.” “I want to work with Eun Ji-won,” said Song Min-ho, “Gang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun were only in” Seo-wooki “.

Song Min Ho’s solo album contains 12 songs, including the title song “Ahn.” Park Soo – hyun said that he liked the song. Song Minhho likened the rocket to the song, “I think it’s the water now.” I swung the sweater and shrugged my shoulders.

Track 7 “I’ll give you a comeback” came out. Park asked about the comfort he recently received, and Song Minhho said, “When I was tired while preparing the album, my members became comforted. He said, “When the four came out, I thought of Kang Seung-Yun, because I’m just playing a tug.”

Park said, “I wanted to tell everyone that rapper Song Min Ho’s album is so good.” Song Min Ho said, “I am very grateful that I do not have much to hear the songs from ‘Ahn, but I am very grateful to have been recognized as a solo and happy after November 26th.”

He said, “Inner circle, I always thank you for your support and happiness, I will always be happy next year.

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