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After a delay due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Space Sweepers also announced an official launch date on February 5, 2021. Currently, this is considered a bright film project in the early months of 2021. A film that marks Song Joong Ki’s return to the big screen after returning to single life.

Space Sweepers is set in 2092, following the crew aboard the Victory spaceship on a mission to collect trash in space. Not only stopping at the “drama” fighting between rival spaceships from countries around the world, Space Sweepers also evokes the climax of what happened in Victory spaceship.
Space Sweepers is a film that fuses science fiction, action and sensationality, and also has a bit of humor where the four special squad members come together. Genius pilot Tae-ho (Song Joong Ki plays), former Captain with a mysterious past Jang (Kim TaeRi), spaceship engineer Tiger Park (Jin SeonKyu), a reprogrammed military robot Bubs. They are all in a Victory spaceship that surpasses all other spacecraft which are called space sweepers).

  Space Sweepers is surprising because this is a rare Korean drama with the theme of action in space. What makes Space Sweepers so curious by many people? Let’s find out these reasons.


1. The return of Song Joong Ki after 3 years

Space Sweepers is a movie project that marks the return of Song Joong Ki after three years on the big screen since The Battleship Island. In Space Sweepers, Song Joong Ki plays an intelligent astronaut named Tae Ho. He is a member of the crew of the Victory spacecraft and takes on his role as a space cleaner.

In the previously released images and teaser, Song Joong Ki shows a new look that is both thorny and tough and his eyes are always full of will. Besides the shaping part, what everyone is looking forward to is Song Joong Ki’s acting. For a long time, the actor has not shown his acting ability on screen. Can Song Joong Ki maintain his performance and become a highlight for this Space Sweepers?

2. Gather lots of stars

In addition to Song Joong Ki, the Space Sweepers main role lineup also includes Kim Tae Ri and Shin Sun Kyu. Song Joong Ki has achieved high results in both television and cinema with popular projects. He also received the Daesang Award from the 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

While Kim Tae Ri is also recognized as a bright actress in the land of Kim Chi. After appearing in the television series The Handmaiden and the historical movie Mr. Sunshine, Kim Tae Ri has started to become “formidable” names on screen. With these two films, Kim Tae Ri received the Best New Actress award, her acting skills were also praised by the audience and highly appreciated by experts.

Jin Seon Kyun is a familiar face to screen. He has appeared in The Outlaws , Six Flying Dragons, Extreme Job, and Kingdom. The works that Jin Seon Kyun participates in are all prominent names in the Korean film industry, so the actor’s talent is not what makes people worry.

3. Famous director

Whether a movie is attractive, attracting the attention of people or not depends not only on the main cast, but also requires that the person behind the direction is a talented director. Space Sweepers is the product of director Jo Sung Hee – who has made such successful works such as: A Werewolf Boy, Phantom Detective.

With these two projects, Jo Sung Hee won the Rookie Director Award at the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards; Daesang Prize at the 2009 Short Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and Jeonju International Film Festival. All the achievements that director Jo Sung Hee achieved have partly confirmed the attraction of Space Sweepers. 

4. Attractive scenario about the universe

Space Sweepers was introduced as a Korean film that owns a storyline that has never been in any Korean film before. Actor Song Joong Ki once shared that this is a genre often taken in Hollywood super productions. The film is set in 2092, Earth will become a decomposing planet and humans will not be able to continue living here.

At this time, a spaceship named Victory and a group of crew fly into space with the mission of cleaning up space trash but these things are extremely valuable. Here, they have to face the dangers of fighting rival spaceships. Besides, because the crew are all stubborn and stubborn, there is always controversy and conflict. Along with the always boiling thirst for money has turned them into impatient, defiant people.

One day after successfully hijacking the wrecked space shuttle during the latest space debris cleanup, the Victory crew discovered a 7-year-old girl inside. This is a destructive robot that looks exactly like a human. They decided to keep this girl in exchange for a good ransom. While they only think of the ransom money, it turns out that the Victory crew can be the one who saves the world from danger without even knowing it.

Listening to the common content, we can also feel the novelty and appeal of Space Sweepers. Hopefully, the movie will not disappoint everyone when it is introduced too spectacularly like this.

5. The Best Quality of Visual Effect with huge budget

With the story revolving around the spaceship in space, of course, investing in the VFX (Visual Effects) is indispensable. With the teaser released earlier, we have partly seen spectacular and unique CG effects that have never been seen in any Korean films. To be able to do these scenes authentically, the budget for Space Sweepers must also be in the form of “caliber”. The film, invested by Huayi Tencent of China, is about 5 billion won (about 4.2 million USD), accounting for about a quarter of the total budget of 20 billion won (about 16.8 million USD).

6. Just watch movie at home

If you are in the “generation” that wants to watch movies but are lazy to go to theaters, you can rest assured that Space Sweepers will be shown on the Netflix platform – the world’s leading online movie-watching application. At the same time, because of the current epidemic, watching movies at home is also considered a wise choice. Have popcorn ready for yourself and open the Netflix application and you can “sip” Space Sweepers right away and always.

Let’s look forward to the premiere of the film, which will be released exclusively on Netflix on February 5, 2020.Ask Kpop Entertainment will continuously keep you updated with the most interesting and useful information about the movie world. Don’t miss our upcoming videos.


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