Actor Song Ha Yoon signed a contract with King Kong by Starship.

On the 22nd, Song Hae-yoon became a star family with Stargazing Entertainment’s acting label King Kong by Starship.

Song Hae-yoon received the attention of the public with his visuals, such as a clean and doll-like visuals, through his debut as KBS ‘Saduya School Gaza’ in 2003, MBC Nonstop 5 (2004) and MBC ‘Best Theater – Taerung Village’ He has shown solid performances in many works such as MBC ‘My Daughter, Kim Dae Jung’ (2015-2016), KBS ‘Sums, My Way’ (2017) and MBN ‘Joy of Maseong’ (2018) 2014), and ‘Perfect Other’ (2018).

King Kong by Starship contracted by Song Hae Yoon belongs to Kim Bum, Kim Ji Won, Park Hee Soon, Song Seung Heon, Hyungsuk Lee, Kwang Soo Lee, Dong Wook Lee, Mi Yeon Lim, Lim Soo Jeong, Yoon Hee Cho and Chae Soo Bin.

In particular, King Kong by StarShip, which has been in the business for a long time with existing actors based on trust, is the best actor management company in Korea that has built a systematic management and PR marketing system.

Lee Ji-sung said, “Song Ha-yoon is an actor who has built up his acting skills by digging a wide spectrum of characters from his screen and screen.” He will not spare any help to show his charm through his good works. ”

Meanwhile, Starship Entertainment, which has signed a contract with Song Haeun, includes singer Keewil, possessed by Dewetto, Mindyu, Monster X, Boyfriend, Brother Su, Shogun, Space Girl, Yoo Seung Woo, Kim Jiwon, Kim Dasom, Park Hee Soon, Song Seung Heon, Hyungsuk Lee, Kwang Soo Lee, Lee Mi Yeon, Lim Soo Jung, Yoon Hee Cho, Chul Soo Bin, Kang Yoon Ah, Shin Seung Ho, Oh Zhenyu, Oh Hye Won, Lee Elya, Lee Jonghwa, , Choi Won-sung, Choi Hee-jin, and Hanmin.

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