YG Entertainment today unveiled “KILL THIS LOVE” music video teaser video on its official blog at 9:00 am on the 3rd.

The teaser video of about 20 seconds shows the melody and choreography of the new song ‘Kill Disley’ and captures the attention of the fans perfectly.

The lead brass sound, which resonates intensely from the beginning of the teaser, has been expressed more stereoscopically through a huge set. Black Pink members filled the screen with their overwhelming charisma, making them invisible.

The teaser angel Black Pink showed the choreography of shooting the rifle, shouting ‘Let’s kill this love’ in front of the destroyed Venus. The melody that was pounded in the ears, and the ‘one – shot’ choreography that harmonizes with the lyrics stimulated fans’ curiosity about the new stage.

Black Pink, who is about to release his new episode album “KillDislove”, is making preparations for comeback stage preparation such as choreography exercises. In particular, the album was released at 0:00 on May 5, unusually for the global market. In the case of overseas, it will be released after 0:00 on the 5th day of each country or domestic release.

The title song ‘KillDislove’ features black-pink charismatic rap and vocals, and TEDDY and Bekuh BOOM wrote lyrics, TEDDY, R.Tee, 24, and Bekuh BOOM. ‘KillDislove’ choreographed by four world-renowned choreographers is one of the most dynamically developed choreography choreographed by Black Pink.

Black Pink starts countdown to the comeback in a special space containing the music video concept through V Live at 11 pm on the 4th, an hour before its release. It is broadcasted with good time such as comeback greeting, current talk, and music video behind-the-wall episode, and engages in active communication with fans.

After the release of ‘Killdis Love’ on the 5th, Black Pink will be on the stage of the ‘Kocella Festival’, the biggest music festival in the US on April 12th and 19th. He will start touring North America, starting with Los Angeles, on June 17, leading up to six cities and eight performances.

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