On the 24th, Song Yu-bin’s agency, Music Works, said, “Song Yu-bin and Kim So-hee had met for a while while they were in the same group, but they are already separated.”

In addition, the leaked photos “the past photos were illegally leaked,” and “online privacy and defamation, etc. will be continuously monitored. “He foretold a legal response.

The following is the musicworks professional

Hello, the musicworks.

I would like to confirm our findings and our official position on Song Yu-bin and So-hee Kim’s love story that were reported today (24th).

As a result of the check, it was true that the two met for a while while they were in the same affiliation.

Recently, Kim So-hee left her agency, and Song Yoo-bin released the album today.

In this regard, I would like to say that our company and our artists are sorry for the inconvenience that our fans have experienced.

Separately, we will continuously monitor artists for online infringement of privacy, defamation, etc., and will protect all artists by taking all legal measures without prior notice.

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