The diva Kim Yeon-ji of the music division singing song is scheduled to release a new song ‘Bertini’ for 10 years at 6 pm on 8th.

Yoon Ji-jin’s new song, ’10 Years of Bertini,’ is a song expressing feelings of emotion that has been tightened tightly after the sudden separation.

I focused on the psychology of a woman who had been forsaken, and solved it with lyrics that seemed to be as if she were talking to herself.

Kim Yeon-ji also announced her comeback as Kim Yeon-yeon’s “Authentic Ballad” on the teaser video released on June 6 prior to its release.

The new song ’10 years in the Bertini ‘is a perfect illustration of Han Sang Won’s artist and Mundei Kid’s Lee Jin-sung writing songs and composing songs to show off the treble, one of the main features of Kim Yeon-ji. The rich sound of the 14-member orchestra and the explosive singing power of Kim Yeon-ji were added to create a heart-stopping luxury farewell song.

“I felt the tremor was the most difficult song that Kim Yeon-ji had ever heard,” said Kim Yeon-ji, a spokesperson for the company, It is a song with a time expression of ‘It is a song that can give sympathy to the farewell that everyone has experienced once.

Kim Yeon – ji debuted in 2006 with Ya ‘The Scent of Woman’ and released her first solo album in 2010 with her single ‘Come back together’. He has been actively performing with many albums and OST.

On the other hand, Kim Yeon – ji will release her new song ’10 years of Vertini’ at 6 pm on the 8th.

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