On November 11, Lee Entertainment said, “My singer Kim Dong-han was selected as a candidate for MBC’s weekend drama ‘I’m Mong’ (OST PART 10).

‘I want and want’ is Kim Dong-han’s new emotional beauty, and Kim Dong-han’s voices, which are completely different from the usual methods that have been introduced, will be delivered to viewers instead of the hearts of the heroes.

In ‘I-mong’, the doctors Lee Young-jin (Lee Yawon) and Kim Won-bong (Yoo Tae-bong), the doctors of the Joseon Dynasty, are fighting fiercely in the same dreams and hopes of independence. But their movement towards the liberation of their country does not stop.

Kim Dong-han said that he felt love and happiness in the days that we spent together with him through this OST and expressed the hearts of the two protagonists who expressed his hopes for liberation of his country. As Kim Dong-han participated in OST for the first time in his debut, his interest in the official music release date is also getting hot.

Kim Dong-Han has been actively selling his third mini-album ‘D-HOURS AM 7:03’ in May. Music programs, beauty, travel, history, entertainment programs, such as genre, regardless of the show is showing a wide range of activities, the significance of participating in this OST is also different.

On the other hand, the 3.1 campaign to decorate the United States with the voice of Kim Dong-han and the drama ‘I-mong’, the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, will be broadcasted on the 13th.

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