On January 16, MNH Entertainment said, “Cheongha will showcase the fourth mini-album ‘Flourishing’ track ‘CHICA’ on the music broadcast this week.”

Chungha will first release Chika in the MBC music music show ‘Show Champion’ on the 17th. This week, we will stage the stage with this song and we will decorate the mini 4th activity.

‘Chika’ is a song about a conversation with a young man who grew up in Cheongha, which was a girl. It is a track that captivates the ear with passionate sound blended with Latin and electronic.

The title track ‘Snapping’ has been active for about 3 weeks and plans to show another new look through the song ‘Chika’ which has won the music chart and the top of music broadcasting.

An official of the agency said, “I will visit you with ‘Chika’ for the rest of the activities we are asking to give back to the fans who have sent a lot of love to this album.” During the title song, we have been preparing for choreography. I would like to have a lot of interest and expectation from Chungha’s ‘Chika’ stage, which will attract another attraction with ‘Snapping’. ”

The first stage of Chica’s fourth mini-album ‘Chika’ can be found at MBC Music ‘Show Champion’ at 6 pm on the 17th.

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